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A thrilling and tempestuous novel of love and danger from the author of KOOK.

Every storm breaks in the end…

Jake never meant to fall for a girl that night. But plans change and soon Jake and Hannah are together, inseparable. That is, until Hannah gets an opportunity that will take her away, where Jake could never afford to follow.

Then the storm comes, bringing with it an extraordinary discovery, something that could turn Jake’s life around. But the gifts of the sea can be cursed, and the great wave that is forming may break Jake and Hannah’s world – and their hearts…

The Guardian book website: “Kook is a gripping and heartbreaking story of love and obsession”

Set on a wild, winter Cornish coast, Kook is a YA debut, full of beauty and danger.
15 year old Sam and his family, move back to Cornwall, after many years away.9780008158323

It’s going to be a long, dull winter. Then he meets beautiful – but damaged, -surfer-girl Jade. Sam learns to surf, and is drawn into Jade’s gang of friends. They get up to dangerous things on the wild Cornish coast, and Sam loves every second of it.

As winter approaches, they create their own rite of passage; to surf the Devil’s Horns, off shore islands/reefs where only the largest waves break, in the biggest storms.

Soon Sam is following Jade into situations he can’t handle, and a storm he might not survive.

My books will appeal to readers of Kevin Brooks, Melvin Burgess and Meg Rosoff. They are rites of passage/coming of age stories with the beauty and danger of surfing and the sea at their heart.

I’m obsessed with the sea; the beauty, the danger, the alien un-knowability of the ocean. It’s why I ended up working in marine conservation. It’s why I surf.

All of this found its way into Kook and Storms

I’m also interested in writing about what it’s like to be young, in trouble and out of your depth.

The people, places and events in Kook and Storms aren’t ‘real,’ but they are a mash up of things that happened to me, places I’ve been, people I knew and situations I found myself in, including almost drowning.

I recently graduated from the Bath Spa MA in writing for Young People, which I completed part-time.

It’s a fantastic course. It changed how I write. It changed me. I was lucky to work with writers as wonderful and diverse as Julia Green, Steve Voake and David Almond. And especially the whirlwind of total amazingness that is Lucy Christopher.

I love Hemingway, Lucy Christopher, Melvin Burgess and Stephen King to name just a few. However, these writers/books in particular, were a huge influence on Kook: Tim Winton’s Breath, Kevin Brooks’ Lucas, Julia Green’s Hunter’s Heart and Breathing Underwater. I recommend all of them.

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