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I do a variety of types of events and school visits.

Check the news page, for details of which festivals are coming up.

I love doing school visits! These can be standard Author visit and Q and A, if that’s your thing. However increasingly, I’m running writing workshops; breaking down the barriers to creativity, and getting young people writing. Quite a few of these are with this lot:

These workshops are fun, inspiring and practical.

See contact page to email me about this.


Literature Festivals:

‘To be able to grip an audience of this age-group takes some level of skill. Accordingly, Chris delivered a seamless talk, and power-point presentation, with confidence and a good stage presence. It was clear that his subject matter resonated with the audience and he had clearly engaged them with what he had to say about the creative process of writing.’

‘There were a copious number of appropriately probing questions from the audience which Chris addressed in a friendly, informative, respectful style. This approach would have been appreciated by them because there is nothing worse at this particular age, than an adult trying to be ‘down there’ with the kids. They smell patronisation or insincerity in a nano-second!’


‘Chris Vick was a delight to work with. An easy going friendly approach worked so well with both our British and International students.  Our English teachers felt Chris offered us the best author visit we’ve ever had! Thank you Chris, we would highly recommend you to other schools.’

‘Chris was able to connect with the students really quickly, in a workshop pitched to engage students across a range of abilities. Chris’s thoughtful responses to students’ ideas and questions ensured that they felt confident to participate. The practical suggestions for getting started with creative writing were useful for teachers as well as students. Although Chris talked about his own writing, there was no ‘hard sell’ of Chris’s own books, which was refreshing.’

‘An  interactive workshop on the principles of narrative/story writing which has  provided a great revision aid for those students about to take their IGCSE in English. Chris comes across as very approachable and friendly and  was  very attentive to all student contributions made, generating a great rapport with his audience and inspiring confidence in less self -assured  or shy students.’