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About Chris

chris_smI live near Bath with my wife, daughter and surf-rat-of-a-dogToffee.

I have worked in marine conservation for years.

Though I live in-land, work, writing and surfing take me to the sea pretty often.

When I’m not working, writing or surfing I’m playing footy, reading, cooking, watching Game of Thrones, or listening to the Chemical Brothers

I listen to music when I write. It helps shut the world out.
The Guardian did a great Q and A:

chris_wnd2_smWhale and Dolphin Conservation:
I have worked for WDC for years. (Whale and Dolphin Conservation, I am lucky enough to have seen whales and dolphins up close in places as far flung as Mexico, Australia and Canada.

I’’ve written about whale conservation,  in my new book; Storms, specifically the drama of a mass standing of orca (killer whales) on a Cornish beach.


Surfing_smAs well as regularly patrolling the beaches of south Wales and Cornwall looking for waves, I’ve been surfing in Barbados, India (where I learnt to body-surf), Ireland, the Canaries and Morocco. But my favourite is France, and especially the breaks around Hossegor in Les Landes. Why? Speed and power. Nothing gets the heart thumping like an autumn dawny on a heavy beach break.

This is a pic of me surfing there.

I’m on a Roger Cooper 7,6” board these days, as well as a 9 foot Custard Point longboard. I only did long boarding for a few years, but I kept breaking them in heavy swells.  One in Taghazout, Morocco, another in Biscarosse, France.  And they are not cheap!  I mostly longboard now, but also use the mini-mal depending  on conditions and how fit I am.

I’ve been in trouble a few times, and once came very close to drowning. That incident found its way into Kook.

P.S. You might think  I’d be good at  it by now. I wish I was 🙂

Twitter: chrisvickwriter

Instagram: chrisvick321

You can buy Kook here: